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The Jhansi Telegram Group Link is a place where people from this ancient city come together. Everything from everyday life to big problems in the city is shared in this group.

Here you can find interesting facts about the famous forts of Jhansi and Rani Lakshmibai. Locals feel proud of their city’s past and traditions and love to share it.

The issues of the city are also considered in the group. Like water lack, road situations, or power cuts. People share their stories and try to find answers.

Information about area events and fairs is also available here. Whether it is Jhansi’s famous ‘Jhansi Mahotsav’ or events during Navratri, everything is posted here.

This group is very helpful for the kids in the city. Job possibilities, teaching places and test preparation tips are given here.

There is also talk about the popular foods of Jhansi, like Gajak and Petha. People share their favorite places and street food.

Overall, this group is a great way to meet people from Jhansi and support the culture of the city.

Jhansi Telegram Group Link (Uttar Pradesh, india)

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