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The Telegram group gives fun to the people of Ghaziabad. You can get all of the city’s news right here. Everything is covered in this piece, including traffic jams and the opening of new stores.

Students from the city’s schools and colleges also make up this group. They share study methods. It’s helpful to job hunters as well. This page offers information about job openings at different companies.

There are also talks regarding Ghaziabad’s well-known food. This is the place where you may get the best chaat or inexpensive, high-quality food.

This group also has information about events going on in the city. Details on everything, including music and Garba, are shared here.

Senior people in Ghaziabad talk about their hometown. Newcomers get help in learning about the city. This page also offers information on parks, churches, and other tourist locations.

In general, this group acts as a bridge between the people of Ghaziabad. Everything about the city, both big and small, is available here.

Ghaziabad Telegram Group Link (Uttar Pradesh, india)

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